27 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

From “Baskin Robin” to “Coca Cola”. We see these brands everywhere in our daily lives, but ever wondered what is the meaning behind some of these well known brand logos?

Yes, some of these most well known brand logos in the world were designed to indicate something. Every curve | color in the brand logos has a meaning behind it.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Here are the “27 Famous Brand Logos” that have hidden meanings behind them,

01. Baskin Robin

See the “BR” part of the Baskin Robin logo. It’s not just the B & R. You will see the number 31 in it, which is actually the number of different flavors of ice cream they used to sell famously.

02. Amazon

Do you see the amazon logo as smiling? If yes, you would be suprised to know, it’s not only smiling but there is a deeper meaning to it. You can see a arrow starting at “A” and ending on “Z” to show you that amazon has everything from A to Z.

03. Beats

Beats is a audio equipments producer based in the “United States Of America”. In their logo, you can see that the letter “B” looks like a person wearing headphones.

04. Toyota

Toyota is a automotive manufacturing company which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. If you look closely, the logo has every alphabet of the company name.

05. Hyundai

Now, you might think of hyundai’s logo as nothing but a letter “H”. What if i told you it’s not just a letter “H” but it’s actually two people shaking hands? Amazing right?

06. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share and discover new interests by posting videos or images to their own boards or others and browsing videos and images of others have pinned for inspiration.

Now, in the pinterest logo, you can see that the letter “P” acts as a board pin. Interesting, right?

07. BMW

What do you think about the BMW logo? Does it feel like a rotating blades of an airplane? No, It’s not an airplane but it’s the “Bavarian Flag”, area of the germany where the company actually originated. 

08. Formula One 

Ever wondered on the “Formula One” logo? Look at the white space between the letter “F” and the red stripes in the formula one logo. You will see the number one  represented in it. 

09. Cisco

See the vertical lines on the “Cisco” logo? what do you think about them? The vertical lines actually symbolize “San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge”.

A bit of backstory on it is that the founders of the company, on their way to registering the company crossed the famous suspension bridge and decided to put that bridge somehow on the top of their logo.

10. Sony Ericsson

Sony ericsson’s logo is a very unique design. Ofcourse, but ever thought, how that candy looking logo design was made? It’s actually made combining the letters “S” and “E”.

11. Sony Vaio

Another one of sony’s product, VAIO. You might not have cared much about the logo but if you look closely, you will see that “V” and “A” symbolize the Anolog symbol while the “I” and “O” symbolize the digital symbol. Now, that’s neat, isn’t it?

12. Adidas

The name “Adidas” was derived from it’s founder “Adolf Dassler”. Company changed many logo’s over the years but they always included the three stripes in their logo. These stripes symbolises the “Mountain”, It represents the challenges that every athelet has to overcome.

13. Nike

Everyone knows about “Nike”. If you see their logo, the shape depicts an arc of movement. In Greek Mythology, Nike is the winged goddess of victory. That’s cool, isn’t it?

14. NBC

NBC a television broadcasting company, right? but ever wondered why the logo looks like a peacock? The peacock design of the logo, symbolizes pride and color. 

15. FedEx

The logo of “FedEx” is a clever white space design trick. The space between letters “E” and “x” forms a forward arrow, cool isn’t it? The arrow shows the “FedEx” speed and accuracy. 

16. LG

LG is a south korean electornics company. If you look closely, you can see the person’s face in their logo. To be honest with you, seems like a person smiling, just my point of view. According to the company, the logo represents it’s aspiration to maintain humain relation with it’s customers.

17. Coca Cola

“Coca Cola” logo has gone under many changes through out the years. Now, if you look closely at the “o” in the “Coca Cola” logo and magnify it. You would notice, that it resembles the “Danish” flag. 

18. Pepsi

Pepsi has changed their logo a lot over the years, especially from the year 2008. Their new logo has a meaning behind it, according to their design house team, the logo was inspired by FengShui, relative theory etc, stating that pepsi logo is the key to the universe.

19. ED

“ED” is a italian electric company and their logo is very uniquely designed. If you look closely to the logo, you can see there is a socket in it, that also forms the letters “E” and “D”. How cool is that!

20.  Tour De France

The logo of “Tour De France” is a very creative one. In the logo, you see a sun. Not realy, there is more than just a sun. If you look closely, you can see the hidden shape of a “Cyclist. Yes, took some times for me to realize that shape too but once you do, it’s hard to un notice.

21. Starbucks

When you order your coffee from starbucks, do you look at their logo and feel why they choose to do the logo in a mermaidish look? 

Well, the founder thought to name the company “StarBucks” after a charcter from a novel named “Moby Dick” and wanted to have a two tailed siren design based on 16th century norse woodcut.

22. Toblerone

The famous chocolate company named “Toblerone” based in Bern, Switzerland. Their logo is shown with a white shilloutte of bear in it, but you maybe wondering why a bear? Well, the city “Bern” have been sometimes called as the city of bears.

24. Gillette

Gillette is a brand for razors and other personal care products. Most of you have “Gillette” products at home. If you look at the white space in their logo near the “G” and “i”, you can see two blades in it.  Same as FedEx logo. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

23. Apple

The “Apple” company’s logo, is a simple and straight forward design that everyone knows and loves and was created by designer named “Rob Janoff”. In the logo, the apple is bitten and many believe that the “Bite” of the apple in the logo is actually “Byte”, the computer term. 

Although, the designer “Rob Janoff” disagress with the theory of it being the “Byte”.

25. Picasa

Picasa has a creative logo, if you see the main colorful logo area, you will see the shutter of the camera. The white space inside the colorful area shows a house. Now, if you know spanish you would know that the word “Casa” means house and “Pi” is short form of Pixel Index. Cool, isn’t it!

26. Goodwill

When you first see the logo of “Goodwill”, you will gaze upon the smiling face. However, the smiling face is actually a scalled up version of their letter “g” in the text “goodwill”.

27. Google

Google is a search engine that everyone knows about but did you know they have a hidden meaning in their logo? The green colored “L” in the logo doesn’t follow the color pattern order. The reason they made the “L” in the logo green was to show that the “Google” doesn’t follow the rules.


There is soo much to a logo design than one can imagine. The next time you see these logos, you won’t think of them the same way.

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