21 Best SEO Plugins To Boost Your SITE Ranking

Looking for the best SEO plugins or tools to improve or boost your website rankings? The hard truth is if you don’t have much content on your blog. SEO plugins can’t do much for you. See, I am no expert on this area but i am only sharing my views on them. 

It’s true, ranking your site in google is important. Now, we all know that the most popular C.M.S ( Content Management System ) in today’s world is WordPress. It’s being used by millions of sites at the moment & i can bet half of you that are reading this article are on WordPress. There are many free and paid plugins or tools for your WordPress website but first let’s see what is SEO?

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is known as “search engine optimization”. It’s a technique that can help you in the optimization of your own website on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Some tips and the mistakes i did,

  • Meta Titles? Yes, you have to optimize the title of your blog post, make it readable and understandable. Don’t let it go above 60-65 characters otherwise google truncates the meta title of your blog post and i am sure you will not want that to happen. Right?
  • Meta Keywords? Yes? No! Really, Google stopped looking at the meta keywords from a long time ago. It’s not worth it anymore to waste your precious time on meta keywords.
  • Meta Description? Important, too important to ignore is the meta description in a blog post. Yes, please don’t ignore them. You need to just dominate that 200 characters in your description. Don’t let it exceed 200 but it has to be atleast 200. It is my lucky three digit number for meta descriptions.

Now, yes you are going to make mistakes. I am also learning seo day by day and improving myself. These are the mistakes i did in the start,

  • Switching Plugins & Tools: Yes, switching plugins and tools was my biggest mistake that i made. I kept changing the plugins and thought. Oh, it’s some golden thing that will make my site boost higher. I was wrong, SEO plugins do help you optimize your articles to target for a keyword or two but it doesn’t automatically increase your rankings on Google.
  • Going Over 65 Characters: If you don’t know about it, let me tell you, i think today Google allows you to have a max title length of “75-78” characters but if you go over 70 characters, your title can get truncated. So, it’s best to stay between “60-65” characters for meta titles to play safe.
  • Keyword Stuffing: This is a mistake that many many people are doing till this date. I used to do keyword stuffing before but it’s not something anyone should do now. Keyword stuffing is a common SEO technique where bloggers would keep on repeating the keywords again and again in the article contents. Today, this can get you banned for real!

On Page & Off Page SEO?

It’s pretty much self explanatory with their names “On Page SEO” is optimizing different parts of your website that will in turn affect your rankings on search engines like Google. You have control over your websites meta titles and descriptions and more.

You need to improve your loading speed of website and improve permalinks of your posts. Optimizing your images on the site with ALT-Text is important too. If your Images are high sized then your page will load slower. You can use a service like Tinypng to reduce the size of the images before you upload your images on the website.

Look, I have seen my images going down from “320 kb to 90 kb” and really that’s a huge saving in bandwidth it means lower resources will be taken to load the website and that in turn means that your website will load faster. Much faster than before and saves your customers resources as they download your website content. 

Use cloudflare (“FREE” Plan) or Max CDN (Paid) ( Content Delivery Network ). Use a cache plugin to cache your static resources to improve loading times. It’s important, something like “WordPress Super Cache” will work just fine. I have generally found “Swift Lite Performance” plugin to be working effectively for the site as it has prebuild cache option with which you have full control over the caches. You can delete cache for a certain page and add or remove urls to cache. It has more options like lazy load and minify etc.

Now, to the “Off Page SEO” is just like the name says it’s off page from your website like it takes into account your websites popularity, how authoritative your website is from scale of (1 – 100). You can sign up on Moz Site to check your rankings of your website they have a chrome extension as well to show your page authority and overall domain authority from the google chrome itself. I use it everyday and love it.

It’s generally much easier to take your page and domain authority from “1-50” then from “50-100”. The number of backlinks you have for your site does help your site and increase your authority. You can build backlinks to improve your off page seo but it’s often found that with research that it’s just better to create “GREAT” content. Huge meaty posts that is 3000 to 4000 words long. Don’t worry about backlinks when you are just starting out with a website. Links will come. Focus on the content!! 

Let's See The 21 SEO Plugins That Are Good, Choose One!

I am going to give you my two bits on which SEO plugin i think is good. If you don’t find your favorite SEO plugin in this list. Don’t worry, let me know in comments i will check it out and if i find it worthy of being on the list i will rank them but should be “FREE”. Now, I have researched on all the these plugins and tools that i will discuss below. These are all wordpress related plugins. There are some SEO tools as well included. I will share you my opinions on them and where to download each one of them,

1. Squirrly SEO Plugin

This plugin is great and used by many people. It has a Free Lite version on plugin repository and it’s absolutely great. You really don’t need the paid version of it. Let me tell you some of its powerful features.

One of the features, I really like is the “on page” change of meta title, description etc of the page. You will see the orange button named “Custom SEO” on top admin bar to change. You don’t have to go to the backend to change the meta titles or description or chronological url of it. Isn’t that cool?

Squirrly provides you with copyright free images, it has this “backpack” on the backend which will allow you to check for the keyword you type in and it will check your whole article and tell you what is the issue as far as SEO is concerned. It will also provide you with the images to be used for your blog. I never used images from it. It’s better to make a inforgraphic or images of blogs that you write yourself but if you really need images then try paid image sites like shutterstock or free image sites like Pixabay or Pexels or Try our freebies library. We have many vectors & icons that are available for free to be used in your blog.

It helps you create a XML sitemap for search engines. It has a good way of putting the links in the right order in XML that just feels right. It puts the links in categories in XML and seperates each link according to the category.

They have many other tools in this plugin that helps you with SEO like, 

  • Live Assistant: Helps you with the seo of your post just like Yoast SEO Plugin. It checks if your title of the post is present in the URL of the post.  It also checks if the keywords are present in the title and if the title length is good and if your post title is between 10 to 75 characters. Live Assistant also checks your content on the page including if the keywords are used in your posts and to bold the keyword on the first paragraph or if you have featured image or not for your post. You can turn on the live assistant for posts, pages or any custom page or turn them off for certain post types.
  • Structured Data: It’s good but not the best like the standalone plugins. It automatically inserts the JSON-LD Structured Data in your site. You can select your site type, type in the name of your site or orginization. Your logo url of the blog site. Contact information and the short description about your site.
  • Social Media SEO: This helps you add all your social media links in it so it helps with the Structured Data too as it specify the social profiles of your business or blog to Google. It lets you add your Facebook ID, and have option to enable the Open Graph Protocol so that shares look good. Also, It let’s you add twitter cards in your shares but you just have to validate your website for it to work. Useful features as you would be going to other plugins to get these features that you are getting in one single plugin for FREE.
  • Tracking Tools: This allows you to put your tracking codes in your website like “Facebook admin ID – For Insights” , “Facebook Pixel ID”, “Google Analytics ID”. You can even choose between “Gtag.js or Analytics.js” but one issue i have with it is that they still not have added “Annonymize IP Address” that is required for GDPR.
  • Connection Tool: It allows you to connect to all the major webmaster tools like “Bing Webmaster Tool”, “Google Webmaster Tool”, “Alexa Tool” and it also allows you to validate “Rich Pins” to your site. It’s a great tool for connection and you don’t have to install another plugin for this task.
  • Checking Google Rank: Let’s you check google rankings for the keywords you optimized your post for. It won’t check for any other keyword other than the one you optimized. It let’s you know where your post ranks on google for that particular keyword.
  • Robots Editor: This allows you to edit the “Robots.txt” file or you can just let squirrly automatically create the right Robots.txt file for you.
  • Post Patterns:  It’s used to control how post types are displayed on your site and search engine results & social media feeds.

One more thing i found good about this plugin is that they have a monthly SEO audit for your website. You get your monthly SEO Audit in your email. They check your website for how good your content is and also take some other SEO stuff into account and then show you a score on the scale of 1 to 100. It also shows you some suggestion you can improve on for your website blog. You can try SEO Squrrly plugin by clicking the button below,

2. Yoast SEO Plugin

A plugin that stacks more than 1+ Million downloads on the WordPress respository. Chances are most of you, even if you are new to wordpress and blogging must have heard about this plugin or used it by accident. 

It mostly does same things that other SEO plugins do like add custom meta title, description, keywords, twitter cards, breadcrumbs, canonical URLs & more. It’s also translated in over 20+ different languages.

It has this feature to show red, green or orange light for SEO on frontend and backend but it does not have the frontend tab to change custom meta titles and description & more. This light indicator on frontend shows you how good of a SEO you have done for that particular post or page. It’s a good feature but many people get stuck in making it turn green and they waste alot of time in the process. On backend it gives you suggestions on how to improve your post and from here you can change meta title, description, focus keywords and more.

By default you will see three features on the menu,

  • Dashboard
  • Search Console
  • Go Premium 

But the one you are looking for is advanced tab that is hidden normally when you first install the plugin and you will have to enable it from dashboard > features tab. Once enabled you will have these new menu options,

  • Title & Metas
  • Social
  • XML SiteMaps
  • Advanced
  • Tools 

Overall a good SEO plugin. Download Yoast SEO plugin by clicking the button below,

3. All In One SEO Plugin

As the name says, it’s an all in one SEO plugin. It’s an older plugin and has claimed to have stacked over 50 million downloads since 2007. It comes with a very basic design but is very powerful.

All In One SEO Pack has alot of cool features:

  • It has the Google AMP support [ Accelerated Mobile Pages ].
  • Advanced Support for SEO on Custom Post Types.
  • Webmaster verification for different search engines.
  • XML Sitemap Support. You can submit the Sitemap to google and other search engines to improve your SEO.
  • Supports Google Analytics.
  • Notifies the search engines when changes are made on your site.
  • Most of all it’s a FREE & Simple plugin.

Not sure about how their customer support is but so far the plugin is good and have nice amount of options to help you in your SEO & blogging journey.  

The documentation, support forums [only for premium users], video tutorials and more are there to help you if you get stuck somewhere.

Check this SEO plugin yourself. Download All In One SEO plugin by clicking the button below,

4. Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO is a plugin developed by MyThemeShop. It’s constantly updated with bug fixes and more and has got over 10k+ downloads. I love that it has almost all the features for FREE. According to Rank Math “It beats the competition with hands tied behind it’s back”.

Features of Rank Math includes,

  • A Easy setup wizard to configure Rank Math on your site. Setting up rank math on your site is a breeze.

  • Google schema rich snippets are integrated in the plugin itself, that means you don’t have to install another rich snippets plugin just to get those additional features. They support 14 types of rich snippets.

  • Optimizing for more than 1 keyword? No problem, with rank math you can optimize the post for upto 5 keywords.

  • Rank math provides google search console integration and that means no need to get another plugin just for this feature. You can connect your website with the google search console and it will display all information right inside the WordPress.

  • Even after packing so many features, rank math will be low on your server resources.

  • Has a powerful 404 monitor built-in, it will explain all the 404 errors and display right inside in the WordPress dashboard.

  • Redirection manager built-in, that again means no need to get another plugin just for the purpose of redirection. It has a capability of 404 redirection or 301 Permanently Moved and more. You can also enable all the 404 errors to move to homepage. 

Their support is pretty good, i had a issue with woocommerce my account errors not showing up while their plugin was activated and they fixed it the next day. Good and fast support.

Check this SEO plugin yourself. Download Rank Math SEO Plugin by clicking the download button below,

5. SEO Press Plugin

A powerful SEO Plugin developed by Benjamin Denis. It helps you in social sharing, creating XML sitemaps, improving your website SEO, managing redirections and more.

Some of the SEOPress features include,

  • Change the meta titles and meta descriptions and has support for canonical URL.

  • It has support for Twitter Card, Google Analytics, Open Graph Data and Google Knowledge Graph.

  • Support for meta robots functions like no index, no follow, no snippet etc. 

  • Build your own custom XML Sitemap for improving Search Indexing also provides a image XML sitemap to improve the Google images indexing.

  • You can also remove the /category/ in the URL’s also the ?replytocom to avoid duplicate contents.
  • Allows you to redirect the attachment pages to the post parent.
  • and many more features in the FREE version..

This plugin also has a PRO version that cost around 39$ per year. If we compare it to today’s modern SEO plugins, features like 404 Monitoring, Google structured data types or Redirection 301 | 404 etc are mostly found FREE. 

Check this SEO plugin yourself. Download SEOPress Plugin by clicking the download button below,

6. Premium SEO Pack Plugin

Premium SEO Pack is powerful enough to optimize your website blog for SEO.

Premium SEO Pack plugin has amazing features like:

  • Helps you directly publish your content from your website to social media. 
  • Helps you in compressing the images like PNG and JPEG.
  • Helps you in redirect capabilities.
  • It has google analytics support like other plugins on list.
  • Webmaster verification for different search engines.
  • XML Sitemap Support. You can submit the Sitemap to google and other search engines to improve your SEO.
  • Notifies the search engines when changes are made on your site.
  • SERP tracking is a feature in this plugin. You can track the pages and improve your overall ranking.

Nice features right? Check it out yourself and download Premium SEO Pack by clicking the button below,

7. Swift Performance Lite Plugin

Swift performance lite is not entierly focused on SEO. This is basically a cache plugin with many ways to speed up your site. A plugin that gives you full access to the pages that are cached, you can remove the page cache indvidually and let the pages stay uncached or cache them again. 

Customer’s don’t like sites that load longer than 5-7 seconds and 90-95% of customer’s do not want to wait so long. You will lose sales and potential customers just because your site loads slower.

Now, the question would be how to improve the speed of the blog or store? 

To improve the speed of your website. First thing should be to keep the plugins in your WordPress site to a approx 15 min to 30 at max to be on a safe side. Second is to choose a better hosting provider for your blog that gives you better speed, WordPress recommended hosting provider is BlueHost. Third would be a Cache plugin, this is where Swift performance lite comes to play.

I found Swift performance lite to be the best of all FREE cache plugins out there. Some of the features of this nifty plugin includes,

  • Helps you cache AJAX request, dynamic pages and add exceptions.
  • Helps you with CSS and Javascript optimization.
  • Helps you with Database optimization.
  • Helps you disable plugins on certain pages and run only when necessary.
  • Helps you lazyload images on your blog.
  • Many more other features and also has a PRO version..

Great, right? Check it out yourself and download the Swift Performance Lite by clicking the button below,

8. SmartCrawl SEO Plugin

A SEO plugin by WPMU Dev and has been downloaded over 30k+ times. They provide a one click setup wizard, automatic sitemaps and more. 

Some of the features of SmartCrawl SEO includes,

  • Provides a one click setup wizard for easy configuration.
  • Provides a way to customize the meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • It has a smart page analyzer that helps to scan the pages and posts for overall optimization of the content.
  • It will let Google know to recrawl your site, everytime you add a new content to your site.
  • You can redirect the traffic from one URL to another URL with the help of in-built 301 redirection.
  • And many more features..

Great, right? Check it out yourself and download the SmartCrawl SEO Plugin by clicking the button below,

9. WP Meta SEO Plugin

Another SEO plugin that helps you improves SEO of your website. It’s developed by JoomUnited and has been downloaded over 30k+ times.

Some of the major features include, 

  • You can edit the meta of the content with live SEO analysis.
  • Bulk edit the image file name, meta and link title.
  • 404 errors redirect and internal broken link checker.
  • Add the Google analytics tracking code and display statistics right in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Also helps in resizing the images, built-in the plugin itself.
  • Generate the XML Sitemaps and breadcrumbs.
  • It’s also compatible with the new Gutenberg editor.

Sounds good? Check it out yourself and download the WP META SEO Plugin by clicking the button below,

10. SEO Booster Plugin

SEO Booster is not exactly a SEO Plugin. It’s solves more of a analytical part of SEO for your webiste. You can use it with your existing SEO plugin like Yoast,  Squirrely, Rank Math Etc.

Some of the features of this plugin include,

  • Helps you monitor the traffic and gets you keywords from over 500 sources.
  • Helps you discover who links to you and from where with their in built feature.
  • They have a built in 404 ERROR monitoring that helps you discover the 404 errors on your site. So, that you can fix them.
  • Also provides a way to see how you can improve SEO for your posts.
  • Shows you what brings the traffic.
  • Many more features.. It has a pro version as well.

It integrates nicely with some of the popular SEO Plugins out there like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO and SEOPress. The pro version of their plugin helps you to track the search engine crawlers, more details on links to your website, Export keywords | Backlinks | 404 Errors to .csv files and more.

It’s definitely a nice addition to have with the already existing SEO Plugins out there. Check it out yourself and download the SEO Booster plugin by clicking the button below,

11. The SEO Framework Plugin

SEO Framework plugin is developed by Sybre Waaijer and has received over 80k+ installs. According to them is an awesome API for experts. The SEO framework provides a unbranded solution for your WordPress Site.

Yes, you read that right. It’s a unbranded solution for FREE. What that means? It means that you will not see their branding anywhere on your WordPress Install. The plugin doesn’t make ad pop ups on your WordPress Install and overall makes your life easy with SEO. 

Some of the features of this plugin includes,

  • Helps you improve your website search engine presence.
  • It provides the structured schema data for your posts and pages.
  • Helps to optimize your meta title and description.
  • Shows you how to improve your blog or page by a SEO bar.
  • Also supports custom post types.
  • Helps you with XML Sitemap Generation for your website.
  • Notifies search engines automatically when your website updates.
  • Many more features..

Seems like a great SEO plugin, Isn’t it? It’s unbranded so no branding anywhere, not even on your XML sitemaps. Check it out yourself and download The SEO Framework Plugin by clicking the button below,

12. Bavoko SEO Tools Plugin

Bavoko is another SEO plugin that has all the tools required to optimize your site for SEO. This plugin is relatively new and is developed by BAVOKO TOOLS and have got over 1k+ downloads till date. According to them is the first plugin that combines the SEO analysis and optimization.

Some of the features of this plugin includes,

  • Displays the Google search console data in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Helps you monitor the keywords for the search terms.
  • Provides a onpage analysis for heading, URLs, keywords and more.
  • Provides a XML sitemap generator.
  • Redirect manager to redirect all the 404 errors or move to a new URL with 301 permanently moved etc.
  • Has a .htaccess & robots.txt Editor to edit these files.
  • Many more features.. and also has a pro version.

A great plugin indeed. Check it out yourself and download The BAVOKO SEO Tools Plugin by clicking the button below,

13. Praison SEO Plugin

Praison SEO is a very simple SEO plugin. It has been developed by Mervin Praison and has received over 10k+ downloads. It has the Google Analytics integration. It’s perfect for beginners.

Some of the features include,

  • Helps you with meta description and titles.
  • Google Analytics and Authorship Integration.
  • Allows you to set canonical URL.
  • You can set No Follow and No Index.
  • Has a built in alexa verification and Bing Webmaster verification.
  • Category & Tag No Follow Options.
  • Many more features..

A nice & simple plugin to fit your SEO needs. Check it out yourself and download The PRAISON SEO Plugin by clicking the button below,

14. Delucks SEO Plugin

Delucks SEO Plugin is developed by Delucks GMBH and has been downloaded over 1,000+ times and made in germany. Just like any other SEO plugin they have all the features as well including XML sitemaps etc. They provide a FREE version as well as a PRO version.

They provide tutorials and has a 30 day premium trial included for FREE as well.

Some of the features of this plugin include,

  • Helps you with meta description and titles.
  • Helps you find relevant keywords for your titles and descriptions.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Canonical URLs.
  • Works with most ThemeBuilders like Elementor or Page Builder etc.
  • Many more features..

Now, it also has a pro version that costs a little and has these features,

  • Schema support for videos, recipes, jobs etc.
  • Social sharing buttons for your posts.
  • Rating stars for your posts that appear in Google search as well.
  • Provides a text analysis for your posts, so you can write good content.

In the end i would say, it all comes down to personal preference to which plugin you want to choose for your website. You can check this plugin out and support them. Overall a solid solution for SEO but there are much better FREE options in other SEO plugins.

Check it out yourself and download The DELUCKS SEO Plugin by clicking the button below,

15. WPSSO Core Plugin

WPSSO Core is not only a SEO optimization plugin but a Social optimization plugin as well. It helps to keep your content look great on all social and search engine sites, no matter how it’s crawled. It helps you automatically fine tune the meta titles and descriptions etc for your post, so no need to enter them again and again.

WPSSO Core also offers add-ons for FREE like add tweetable quotes, mobile app meta, rest api, ratings and reviews, schema markup and social sharing buttons etc.

Some of the features of this plugin include,

  • Built in support for Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Helps you with accurate meta tags for all social sites etc.
  • Provides support for multisite installations.
  • Many more features..

WPSSO Core also offers a PRO version that helps you addons for all schema types from recipes to software schema etc, Twitter player card for embedded videos from Facebook or youtube videos, Integrates with 3rd party services for ecommerce product details and more.

They have got over 10k+ installs and 164 – 5 star reviews on WordPress respository at the time of writting. Try it out yourself and download WPSSO Core Plugin by clicking the button below,

16. JetPack Plugin

Developed by Automattic themselfs, is a very known plugin. For those who don’t know who Automattic is, they are the people behind WordPress. They have over 5+ Millions installs on WordPress Repository

It’s a all in one plugin and does not only limit to SEO services. Jetpack provides services like Lazy image loading, Image and Video CDN, Site Stats and analytics, Automated Social media posting and sheduling, SEO tools for Google etc, Advertising Tools that includes Adsense etc, Simple paypal payment buttons, Site accelerator to load pages faster, daily backups of entire site, malware scanning etc. 

As you can see it’s not only limited to SEO but provides many other features as well but there are some issues with it,

  • You get bombarded with warnings, notices and alerts. This would not be a problem if you are okay with it.
  • Most of the modules require connection.
  • Creates unnecessary bloatage on your website and slows down website.
  • It mostly creates a problem with other 3rd party plugins like W3TotalCache or Better WP Security Etc.

If you are just starting out your WordPress site, try it out and you might like it. Click on the button down below to download this plugin,

17. SEO Redirection Plugin

This plugin helps you manage redirections for your website. You can migrate pages from an old website or change the directory of your wordpress site easily. 

While working on a wordpress site, you may come across various instances where you will have to change the url of a blog post or a page for some reason. When you change your URL of the blog post, all the places you shared the previous url to will be useless as it will return a 404 error when they come to your blog with that url.

Now, this is where this plugin comes to the rescue. You can redirect the previous url to the new url that you have changed to with 301 redirect as being “moved permanently”. You can also fix the 404 crawl errors in Google Search Console.

Some of the features this plugin has,

  • It will help you fix the crawl errors like 404 in Google Search Console.
  • It also supports the wild card redirection.
  • It helps you automatically add 301 redirection when you change page or post url.
  • It provides a full log of all the redirect URLs.
  • It helps you redirect a folder and it’s contents.
  • It doesn’t require the .htacess and works entirely in the WordPress itself.
  • It also helps you change all the links and your domain url when you change the domain name.
  • It’s a GDPR compliant plugin. 

Try out the SEO Redirection plugin by visiting the page and download it for your WordPress Blog.

18. Broken Link Checker Plugin

This is another very useful plugin for your wordpress website, it checks for your posts, comments & other contents and see if there is any broken links and notify you right away via your email or your own wordpress dashboard.

If you are blogging from some time, you know that broken links do happen. They are not good for SEO and It’s always better to fix them as fast as you can. This plugin will help you in finding those hard to find broken links and fix them in no time. 

Now, an alternative web based service that is free for finding broken links is Dead Link Checker. This service is for those who don’t want to install a plugin to find broken links on their blogs.

One big disadvantage of this plugin is that it has a resource hungry behaviour, it may slow down your site. Other thing i found is that it has not been updated from a year now. On the up side, why not just use it once to fix your broken links. Once you are done using it, disable it and use it again once you want to find and fix these links on your blog.

Try out the Broken Link Checker plugin by visiting the page and download it for your WordPress Blog.

19. Smush Plugin

Smush is a very known plugin in the wordpress community developed by WPMU DEV and stacks over 1+ million downloads. If you are new to blogging in general then this plugin is a must in your blog. It’s a Image Compression plugin and can help you reduce the size of the image as soon as you upload it in the blog.

Now, if you don’t want to use a plugin for this purpose then you can easily use a service for image compression. Services like tinypng will help you reduce the size of the image but to do that you will have to upload the image first to tinypng and compress it after that download it again from tinypng and then upload it on your own webserver. To avoid all this, it’s usually better to use a plugin that does all this automatically for you once you upload the image in your blog.

Image size is very important and affects your load speed of your blog. This will hurt your SEO rankings too. You should always aim for less size for your images on your blog. I usually like keep each of my images that i put in the blog between  20KB to 60KB max.

Try out the Smush plugin by visiting the page and download it for your WordPress Blog.

20. Schema Plugin

This one is a schema markup plugin. According to this plugin’s author is a “Super fast, light-weight plugin for adding structured data markup in recommended JSON-LD format automatically to WordPress Sites.

Okay, now you might be wondering. What is a schema markup? A Schema markup is a code that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. It’s for the benefit of the searcher.

You must have seen added information on google searches like “star ratings under each search results” or something like “how much a product is or is the product in stock or not”. That is what this plugin helps you to accomplish.

Some of the features of this Schema Plugin,

  • It’s a easy to use plugin and ofcourse free.
  • You can enable the schema types at per post type or category.
  • Provides valid markup, that you can test with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • It outputs the JSON-LD format and that is recommended by Google.
  • It reuses the data saved in the post meta that is created by other plugins.

This plugin has some extensions like,

  • Schema Review : This extends the schema functionality by adding review and rating structured data functionality for editors and authors. 
  • Schema Default Image : Adds ability to set a default wordpress featured image for markup.

Try out the Schema plugin by visiting the page and download it for your WordPress Blog.

21. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Another one of the schema plugin and the last entry on our list. This plugin has around 90k+ downloads on Repository. Overall a very good schema plugin.

You get eye caching results in search engines with this plugin. It has easy implementation of schema types like Review, Events, Recipes, Article, Products etc.

For those who don’t know what is a Rich Snippet or a Schema means? Let me explain you what it is,

It provides a short summary of your page in the search results in various search engines and social media like facebook news feed that display the star rating, image etc.

Some of the things this plugin helps you with,

  • Provides search engine with precise information to display those rich snippets.
  • Rich snippets helps you stand out from rest of the competition.
  • Rich snippets helps you rank higher in the search results.

Try out the All in one schema plugin by visiting the page and download it for your WordPress Blog.


The most useful and better seo plugin would be the one you find easy to use and compatible for you with your current WordPress setup. I would strongly recommend to try all the plugins & tools on our list and check which ones suit you.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family & also let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions regarding what we have discussed today in the article. I would love to help you. Just ask me!